Yabonza saw an opportunity to leverage existing and new technologies into the traditional real estate market.

Yabonza is a direct to client full service property management company that helps landlords and tenants keep a handle on their rental properties all in one place. They are uniquely made up of bankers, technologists and property management professionals who have invested in their own technology to disrupt the property market, helping to put ongoing cash back into the pockets of their customers. Co-founders Mark Trowell, CEO and Heidi Guenther COO/CMO shared their experience of working with Beyond Venture.


Yabonza currently has 1000 users and about 500 properties under management.

Like many businesses before them, the initial idea for Yabonza came about from having bad experiences with property management and thinking there must be a better way to stream line the whole process. The Australian property management industry was ripe for disruption given the fragmented nature of the market which has largely remained unchanged for years.

Having advisors creates more validation to external investors.

“Working with Mac and Mark is like having a safety net that almost guides you where to land. They even out the highs and lows of the rollercoaster – getting us most centred. You operate best when you are in that centre line.”

Ying and Yang


Mac is the business analytical thinker and Mark is the philosophical thought provoking leader – who makes you think about yourself and your approach.


Working with them aligns your thinking and approach.


When you are creating a new business and a new business model you know you have a great idea and a high amount of specific skills within your function, but what about the knowledge, systems and processes that are required to run an entire company? Capital raising, advisory, company structures, debt, organizational structures, 5 year business plan, exit strategy, governance, boards there many important decisions that need to be made quickly. “Mark and Mac have been really instrumental at guiding us and mentoring us through that process.”



Yabonza started working with Mac and Mark from day 1 but not all startups start working with Advisors or Mentors straight away. Mark had some ideas on why that is… “Awareness. You don’t know what you don’t know. You are not exposed to the support network which is out there and there are people out there to help you. Initially, some people might ask why am I going to pay for this service? I can use that money to spend on technology or to build resources. They don’t equate the value that someone else can bring into the business because they don’t have the realisation of what that value is.’

Raising Capital = Validation


It means people believe in what you are doing. It’s not just a case of someone has given you money – they are validating your idea and what you are doing.

Outcomes Driven
by Beyond Venture

• Managed multiple capital raises with a total raised of over $6m


• Identified a strategic acquisition and negotiated and closed the deal worth $5m


• Supported the growth in yabonza’s valuation from $5m to $25m over a period of 2 years


• Currently negotiating several multimillion dollar strategic acquisitions


• Currently preparing the company for a series B funding round to raise between $10 million and $20 million as they move out of a foundation phase and into a growth phase

And finally Mark and Heidi shared the most exciting things about building a successful startup?

• Seeing your ideas come to life.


• Getting your first clients on board.


• Having your product out there, being used, and of benefit to people. Having people talk about your product and creating a name in the market place.


• Deals that we’ve just signed – watching the growth come to fruition.


• And the legacy is to have people talk about Yabonza as its own term.

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